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Additive Manufacturing.
3D Printing

The SBDC is extending the services offered by providing training and awareness in Additive Manufacturing for businesses addressing real-world topics faced by businesses and manufacturers today. Business and manufacturing require practical applications of technologies that address real-world use cases. In the case of 3D printing, the SBDC Additive Manufacturing training speaks to the entrepreneur that needs to solve common problems faced by manufacturers:


  • In-System Damage (ISD) control devices/parts for assembly lines

  • Production of Safety devices for manufacturing and assembly lines

  • Fixturing and ad-hoc devices/parts for a manufacturing engineering department

  • Extension of the product development capabilities with Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)

  • Creation of lower run specialty parts of difficult to create parts


 The SBDC team can work with the entrepreneurs and manufacturers by providing services such as:

  • Gap analysis assessments for the effective use of Additive Manufacturing

  • Awareness and Skills Training for technicians, engineers, and production management

  • Accessibility to vendors for equipment and services related to Additive Manufacturing

  • Guest speakers in the industry to provide an indication of how Additive Manufacturing is dynamically changing the business and manufacturing environment

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