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Business Assessment Center

The SBDC would like to announce the creation of our new Business Assessment Center.  Clients who sign up will be given assistance from the various advisors that we have on staff in these areas:

  1.  Financial analysis and access to capital (in this area, our experts will assist you in financial projections, profit margins, and what you may need to do to get a line of credit, a loan, or other source of income

  2. Digital marketing and social media (here, the important aspect of getting the word out on your business is critical to seek out and retain clients.  Our experts will assist you in how to develop and execute a digital marketing plan, and how to effectively utilize social media)

  3. Leadership and management (often times, especially in growth companies, we need assistance in interviewing people to add to our teams, managing and leading the team to high performance, and correcting issue and problem solving, when needed.  Our team can assist in the HR (Human Resource) needs of your company)

  4. Cybersecurity and emerging technologies (it is important to understand the digital world as it relates to your company, and our experts can help you protect your information.  In addition, new emerging technolgies can be explores to help you be on the cutting edge for future business)

Due to the intricate nature of the assistance and the personalized and customized advising, we will be serving two clients per session.


Contact: / for more information

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