Social Media 101 for Small Biz

When: Thursday 1/16/20 - 6-7:30PM

Where: Nordlof Center. 118 N. Main St.        Rockford IL. Rehearsal room


Understanding how businesses use Social Media to promote their goods and services is necessary in today’s marketplace. Learn the basics of Social Media marketing, how it can attract new clients, and why you can’t ignore it!

Financial Education for StartUps

When:Thursday 1/30/20 - 6-7:30PM

Where: Nordlof Center 118 N. Main St.


Rockford IL. Large Multipurpose room

Why you should care about start up finance? " I am a visionary", you might say. I don't want to get bogged down in financial reports. That's  what bean counters are for. Right? Wrong! You need to understand your numbers to understand your business better, make better decitions, make fewer mistakes, and hopefully turn a little cash in to a lot of cash!

How to Start Your Own Business in Illinois

When:Thursday 02/13/2020 - 6-7:30PM

Where: Nordlof Center 118 N. Main St.

Join us to learn exactly what you need to do to officially launch your business in Illinois. Learn about state specific requirements, filings, and advantages available to you when you start a business in Illinois.

Cyber Security 101 for Small Business

When:Thursday 02/27/2020 - 6-7:30PM

Where: Nordlof Center 118 N. Main St.

Join us to learn the basics of Cyber Security and what considerations should be taken to protect both your business and your clients!