How to repair your credit

This webinar provides helpful tips on how to spot credit repair scams, how to fix bad information on your credit report, how to boost your credit score and more.

Join us this Thursday, October 14. The class is free, 11 am to noon.


Tapping into TikTok for small businesses 

TikTok has been one of the fastest growing social platforms that businesses and brands are using to leverage new audiences in unique and creative ways. Get tips on creating short form videos and content to drive traffic to your business and generate sales. 

Join us this Thursday, October 28. The class is free, 11 am to noon.


How to apply for a business loan

This webinar provides helpful tips on how to prepare to apply for a coomercial loan, documents required and how to fix bad information on your credit report and more.

Join us this Thursday, November 11. The class is free, 11 am to noon.

Past Sessions

3D Printing for Business Applications. Virtual Classroom 7. Presented by Aaron Carlin / RPL

As technology continues to improve, new methods of manufacturing continue to emerge. Among these relatively new methods is 3D printing, and its widespread use in manufacturing has grown in recent years. Learn about the possibilities of this new technology that is going to change the way that we make things. 

Reimaging your marketing in a post Covid Landscape. Virtual Classroom 9. Presented by Emily Hartzog / Chartwell Agency

Learn what messages are resonating well, and what your customers need from you right now. Gain insight into customer decision-making in a recession, and how that might impact their financial priorities. Discuss strategies to develop a new marketing plan given your initial strategies may have gone out the window. 

How to Write Engaging Content for your Social Media and PR Audiences. Virtual Classroom 10. Presented by Katryna Kirby / Social Kat Co.

Generating engaging social media content is key across social platforms. We'll discuss how social content generation and social media content tie into your public relations activities. Plus, we will give you tips and tricks to amp up your social media efforts in 2021.

Building a BOLD Brand for Your Business Perspective + Purpose = Profits. Virtual Classroom 11. Presented by Chris Wachowiak

Do you see obstacles or opportunities? Learn about the process of taking a brand idea and turning it into reality. We’ll discuss tools and techniques to communicate the “how and “why” of your product and the value it will add to your customers’ experiences. Walk away with at least one thing you can implement immediately to profit your business!